The tale from the beginning.

Edited: 10/03/2019 by Shaun Brady.

From a favour to a friend, to a successful business supplying professional entertainment services across the North West.

It all began some time around the beginning of 2017… It was 18:44 on 9th February if you’re one for numbers!

A facebook message from a good friend appeared on my phone, asking whether I would be up for playing some music at his 18th Birthday party. It wasn’t clear at this point what I had got myself in for.

I agreed. I love a challenge. “How hard can it be?”

One of the questions I distinctly remember asking myself. I don’t think at first I understood the enormity of work involved with being a DJ, and the commitments involved with running a small business. Neither did I understand how rewarding, and exhilarating this job is. Realising that I have played a part in bringing someones big day to life is humbling, it’s such a great feeling.

So about me. I’ve been playing the saxophone since I was 7. This sparked my musical interest. I loved everything about playing, performing, even practising (sometimes). I seemed to have some sort of knack of picking up instruments; subsequently learning the guitar, bass, drums and a little bit of piano. Playing all of theses instruments meant that I quickly began playing with bands, and any musician out there will know the extent of equipment and speakers involved, especially when you were the only one with a car. And a shed… Towards the end of high school, I became very interested in music technology, and recording.

Now studying Popular Music and Recording at The University of Salford, my knowledge and understanding of music and the industry is ever growing.

I’ve always listened to lots of different music styles and genres. This gives me a great advantage, allowing me to adapt to any occasion or event. There are many different approaches I use when DJ’ing to gauge the style of music which will be effective at a particular event.

My musical knowledge helps with mixing, but being able to adapt to different situations and respond quickly to song requests and unexpected dance floor fillers is something that only comes with experience. I’m still learning, but I am confident in my ability to act upon any surprises at any event!

Back to the 18th. My set up was small. My camping table on wooden leg extenders was wobbly, the lighting was poor, and the speakers were very heavy, but I was ready!

The night was a great success. I played some of the mixes that I had been practicing at home. There were points where friends came over and commented on how much they were enjoying the music.

I was relieved more than anything as I was extremely nervous (as depicted with the pint on the right-hand speaker), but I was so glad to have done a good job for my friend. It was the end of the night when another friend asked for my services at their 18th. Shaun Brady DJ Services was born!

A bigger car, a website, new speakers, new lights, a new computer, new microphones, an accountant (which makes me feel extremely old), and multiple new wires. These are but a few new things which make this business what it is today.

I pride myself on providing the best possible service to all customers.

I enjoy going the extra mile to ensure that each customer feels that they have been valued and that I can provide everything and more to make each event a success for all involved. I understand the importance and emotion involved in organising an event, so I aim to be as approachable and communicative before the event as possible.

I will happily attend to any queries or worries you have so I can put your mind at ease. I believe it’s so important to build a relationship before being trusted with such a big responsibility. It needs to be right first time, and the more I can understand about what you are after, the better I can make your event. You can send me playlists, pictures, scruffy bits of paper with ideas if you think that it will be useful to me.

I’ll give anything a go (within reason), to make your ideas blossom.

Discussing your event beforehand isn’t an opportunity for me to upsell or snatch a deposit out of you. It just gives me the chance to ensure I can provide everything you require.

You also need to like me! Believe it or not, I’m the loudest one in the room, and you have to listen to me and my music for a good few hours!

Almost 2 years on, the setup and my ability has changed and improved (I hope), but the way I feel about each event has never changed. My business is my pride, and customer satisfaction is paramount to everything I do. I like to have fun at events, (I don’t even have to drink any more to settle my nerves!)

I enjoy my job. I love making people happy.

The moment at every event when people get up to dance. When the person / group who are celebrating smile, dance and enjoy themselves with their family and friends on the dance floor, I get a warm sense of pride. It’s why I do what I do, and I thoroughly enjoy making each event special.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in enquiring about my services. A quote is free, and I’m happy to discuss and plan your event before you part with any money. (I’ll try my best not to take it to heart if you don’t book straight away, especially after reading this!) Just head over to and you will find all of the info you will ever need!

All the best, Shaun.