Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are the most common type of event I attend. It's a great chance to see friendship reunions and family celebrations. Letting loose and enjoying your evening is the most important thing for you to do on your birthday. The last thing you need is for me to be bothering you throughout the event, so I find that preparation is king in ensuring a smooth and organised birthday party.

As a multi-genre DJ with years of experience in residency positions, as well as a musician offering a mobile DJ service, it's safe to say that the music at your event will be in good hands! I'm happy for you to send me a list of your favourite songs, and I will adapt my set to ensure it is fitting for your event. Whether your booking for an 18th or an 80th, I'm confident that I will be able to create a quality atmosphere and a great choice of music for you and your guests to enjoy.

“Shaun DJ’d at my 30th and it was fantastic. When it came to music he knew exactly what would get people moving. All through the booking stage to on the night he was responsive and helpful ensuring the night went with a bang. I would certainly book Shaun again he’s a really genuine guy.”

Ryan Kelly, 30th Birthday Party

Although each party is unique, the standard form for birthday parties is as follows:

  • Welcoming upbeat music at a medium volume to allow guests to enter the venue, catch up and have conversations without the music being too intrusive.
  • Buffet music which is slightly quieter than the entrance music. This allows guests to sit, relax, and have conversations whilst enjoying refreshments. There is nothing worse than really loud music whilst your’e trying to eat!
  • The singing of Happy Birthday along with blowing out candles is followed by louder music encouraging guests to get up and dance!