SBDJ Photo-Booth

The brand new SBDJ Photobooth is here, ready to snap lasting memories at your event with you and your guests! This homemade booth is built to the highest specification, including brand new technology, and purpose built software and hardware.

We’ve ensured that our booth can be adapted to suit any type of event, from children’s parties to weddings!

With a collection of party props including wigs, hats, necklaces, signs inflatables and even cutouts, you can easily add a sense of fun to your event.

We also have a selection of backdrop materials and colours, meaning that you can ensure our booth matches the theme and colours you have chosen!

Bright LED lighting means that no matter how dark your venue, your pictures will be bright with vibrant colours.

The booth is constantly manned by a member of our team, ensuring that it is constantly monitored for any errors mid-event, and the area around the booth is safe and tidy for guests to use.

What do you get when you book the SBDJ Photo-Booth?

  • Unlimited shots throughout.
  • Unlimited colour prints throughout.
  • Personalised stamp in the corner of your prints.
  • Party Props.
  • Adjustable backdrop.
  • A member of our team to manage the booth.
  • Downloadable copies of all images on Facebook and sent via email.

“Do I get inside it?” One of the most popular questions I get asked at an event. The answer: No. This booth is not one you climb in and sit down at! When building the booth, we decided that the best way to ensure its adaptability for all venues, was to keep the footprint of the structure to a minimum. There are also other advantages too! The extra space means that more people can fit into a shot, without squeezing onto a small bench in a confined space. The booth is placed on wheels, meaning it can be pushed backwards to make more space if required. It also creates different options for backdrops, either with different colours / materials, or completely without showing off the atmosphere at your event. Check out our equipment page to find out exactly what technologies are inside!

How does it work?

The booth consists of a tower, and a backdrop. Throughout the event, usage is free, so guests queue and make their way between the booth with their backs against the curtain. After tapping the screen, the booth will take three images with five seconds between giving guests the time to change props and pose for the picture. When complete, the screen will show a preview of the image, and the printer will print a copy within 5 seconds. After the event, all images will be uploaded to facebook meaning that guests can tag, and re-download their images to their hearts content!


Our competitive prices can depend on your location, duration and even event type, so it’s best to get in touch to receive an individual quote for your event. You will find however that our prices are much cheaper when booked alongside a DJ package. Our attendance at the event providing DJ services, means that the addition of the photo booth incurs very low labour costs.

We’re always running promotions and discounts, so double check our social media pages and website for any codes to see if they’re active.